Empowerment through technology!

Unlocking our phones with pattern locks to apple introducing face recognition in their latest iPhone model, technology is moving at a pace unimaginable. Technology is empowering the generations by driving simple solutions and innovating at every level.

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master”- Christian Lous Lange

There have been several forecasting’s in 2017 regarding the upcoming technology but some are in the development stage while others have already taken over the market. Technology has become an inevitable part of our lives as it has made big difference. Well, here is a list of all the recent technological breakthroughs of 2017 that every tech enthusiast must know.

  1. Auto Pi intelligence through IoT
Internet of Things (IoT) has become a recent sensation as objects such as building, cars or any physical entity can be connected to the Internet to send and receive data.
One such object is Auto Pi, which is a dongle with the cloud platform that makes our speedy cars intelligent by developing a communication using IoT. A user can add excellent features such as emergency break alerts, notifications about your car movements such as seat belt, temperature control, eco-driving alerts etc. This is definitely one of the most preferred devices every four-wheeler enthusiast would appreciate.

  1. An amalgamation of physical and digital
More and more people have diverted to online shopping portals as its time saving and you can check several portals in a matter of secs. The only thing that concerns the users is the look and feel, whether it’s the fabric of apparel or the fragrance of a perfume. Thus, many companies are working to bring out the element of physical on the digital platform.

  1. Service on demand
From getting online food delivery to home pickups for laundry, almost every sector is progressive towards instant service. The market for service on demand is expanding widely. There are humungous applications available right from ordering groceries online to paying monthly bills. These applications are impacting up to a great extent and will continue to solve day-to-day problems with a great ease.

  1. The rise of synthetic food
The world’s population is increasing and there is a danger sign when it comes to our resources. The ability to feed such a huge population in the coming years would be challenging as the resources are being stretched to a greater limit. Thus, scientists are focusing on growing lab-based food. Few companies such as Impossible Foods & Beyond Meat have taken measures to produce synthetic food products. There have been continuous experiments on meat, eggs & other food products that might answer the problems of food scarcity in near future.

  1. Affordable 3D printers
3D printers have already marked its presence in various sectors and still continue to amaze us with its humungous application in many more industries. They have been on the market for quite some time but the prices were too high to afford. With advancement in technology, the pricing for the printers has come down to as low as 149$ for pocket-size 3D printers. These will soon be one of the most desirable techs everybody would love to use in the coming years.

“What new technology does is, create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.”- Tim O’ Reily

Thus, technological advancement is at its peak and is getting exciting and better by every passing day. It would be interesting to see what technology has to offer in the coming years.

- By Sristi Sahu