Rising role of Social Media in our lives

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow” – Edward Teller

Rising role of social media in our lives, Papyrofix
What many thought of as “unachievable”, social media technologies have only made it possible. It has opened many doors to other innovations as well. Social Media, in India, particularly in the recent decades has made many things possible. It has grown both in magnitude and quality coupled with economic growth in India. There is a relation between economic growth and technology that has worked for India in the recent past. It has also been positive for the growth of social cohesion, good social networking and other very primary uses.

Most of the Indians also have also accepted this sudden growth of Social Media as the “innovation of 21st Century”. This has led to its role in most of the people`s lives: both positively and negatively. It has mostly been positive as it has been a game changer when it comes to the user interface of different products or also of different technological platforms. It has also led to greater citizen participation rate in the political process, greater democratic deepening in the country and has been a sine qua non for a “New India”.

It has been impacting our daily lives in different ways. It has helped people to communicate more easily [ex tele-density and email penetration in India has been increasing exponentially in the past decade or so]. It has been an advance towards a more inclusive & just society and towards a more presentable living planet where more and more people are connected to services, platforms, internet activities, people and resources.

The rise of technology has become a Leviathan which has also become more intrusive in our daily lives: manifested in the “stick to mobile” era where most of the time the human race is on Facebook or WhatsApp, rather than being present with the family on the dining table. This exponential increase has also been leading to issues of human psychology such as depression, online bullying, unnecessary trolling, etc which have only affected the users negatively. Lest we should be about the time that users (including kids and adults) spend or “waste” (as some would like to call it) on social media.

As has been said, the actual role of social media in today`s time is not just to “Post” on your timeline, but for some real connections and networking so that it can be helpful to “end to end” users. Moreover, it should also be kept in mind that at a macro-level, the real aim of social media is to bring the unconnected to the connected world of networking and at a supra level, to do good to the community and humanity as a whole. Only this way we can achieve a holistic and a developed society that deals with issues in the “Modern” way so as to say.

For Papyrofix;
BY: Sameer Mehta