Kashmir...?, Papyrofix
 Kashmir… A very well-known name across the world now a days, was only known for a travel destination for mostly Indians and Pakistanis (then Indian). Some knew about this place for green tasty apples and of course, who doesn’t love apples. Tall pine trees with endless landscape of greenery and the seasonal snowfall spreading the bliss which was against the aesthetics of any sorrow and hollowness. The contrast of nature in the form of rainbow looks exactly like a crown. The tasty regional cuisines such as Kashmiri pulaav, dum aloo, rogan josh and what not. So easy to fall in love with this “heaven” isn’t it? 

Time and people, they change accordingly. Either for you or against you. Both happened in Kashmir. Time changed and people too. And all happened because of a line called border. August 1947. Hyderabad and Kashmir were suddenly the news of front page for every Indians. And the reason was obvious. They neither preferred India nor Pakistan to merge with. Hyderabad comes second but the real issue was Kashmir as Pakistan was very keen to put a shield on Kashmir as it was strategically favourable to it plus the muslim majority was the catalyst to Pakistan’s motive. India’s concern was the same. But the then king Hari Singh stood still upon his decision. All efforts made by Jinnah and Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel went in vain.

But who isn’t aware of the motive of Pakistan? Huge land without food for stomach inspired many Generals to take over Kashmir without sending their “actual troops”. They started sending Pakistani Rangers in the disguise of Kashmiri tribes just to create a chaos that people of Kashmir prefer to merge with Pakistan which was clearly not the voice of the actual Kashmiris. But who cares about the facts? People who opposed Pakistan’s interference were massacred brutally. Soldiers of King Hari Singh were hugely outnumbered and their weapons were outdated. China was too far to ask for help. The only option and hope was India. But why would India sacrifice its own soldiers and economy just to defend another country? Of course there were conditions. And we know it as “Instrument of Accession”. Indeed it’s tough to explain every point of it but in a nutshell

  1. Kashmir will be an integral part of India.
  2. It will obey the law and order issued by India and no interference of Pakistan will be tolerated.

But as all these had happened just because of Pakistan’s massacre, so people of Kashmir were given a chance to access the free election after the situation becomes normal. 

Anyway, war happened. Humanity and human rights were slaughtered brutally. Bloodshed everywhere. And it all ended with a cease fire. Pakistan captured some part of Kashmir known as “Pakistan occupied Kashmir” (PoK). So technically the free election offer was breached as India doesn’t own the whole Kashmir. So all mujahidin, jihad and all Islamic movements to free Kashmir from India don’t actually make any sense. The general election is possible only if Pakistan withdraws its army from PoK. 

Kashmir...?, Papyrofix

This article was all about the question that rises when being asked about Kashmir.  Because unlike the first paragraph, Kashmir is a question to most people and the answer is not definite. There’s more to this topic. But some other time.  

For Papyrofix
BY: Prateik Das Mohapatra