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Android Vs. iOS, Papyrofix

The quickest ever pace in the technological sector over the past several years have created another surge of reforms. The advancement of software development particularly in the field of mobile applications has resulted in new improved methods that continue to proliferate.

In this age of trends where everyone is just too busy doing one thing or the other on the so called mobile screen, mobile companies are finding an opportunity in this stupidity which acts as a trigger to introduce new improved applications. Android and IOS are the two market giants in the current scenario who are doing it to their best to attract more customers in the best possible way available.

Talking about android and ios, there are a number of pros and cons of both these technologies. Android is an open source model whereas ios is a closed source but its components are open sourced. File transfer is far easier using android as the same can be done easily using a USB port but the ios technology is a bit different in this case. Files in the latter case can be transferred only by using the iTunes desktop app but the photos can be transmitted out via USB without any app.

Android is available on a number of phones and tablets with a large number of manufacturers including Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC and so on using the same technology. IOS on the other hand is installed in Apple TV, iPhone and iPad touch.  A major distinction can be drawn between Android and IOS in terms of the operating system. The former works using the Linux Operating System while the latter use specifically the OS X and UNIX operating systems. 32 languages can be found in Android while in the IOS 34 major languages can be found.

On the whole both Android and IOS are very much user friendly, nevertheless android tends to be more popular among the users because of its ease of access and having a strong capital market.

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BY: Saurabh Tiwari 


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