Are you a budding micro-entrepreneur with limited resources? Try Microfinance
“Every decision you make in a business has a financial consequence”- Barbara Vrancik
Do you have a brilliant idea for your business but you are still waiting for your dream investor? Running a startup or a small enterprise without a substantial finance back up can be both painful and tricky. Finance is an inevitable part of any business and to run even small operations, monetary terms play a big role.
There are other means of seeking investments too such as bank but if the setup is small then even banks take a back seat. The entrepreneurs or proprietors fail to show a guarantor or any security to qualify for a bank loan.

Role of Microfinance
With technological and digital advancements, microfinance has also grown over the years. Initially, microfinance was limited to provide a microloan to poor businessman but now it has emerged in terms of services. With Microfinance, a user gets savings, insurance and also th…

Discovering Where the Careers Are! Job Searching Tips for Life Science Students

As a Biotechnologist and being Co-Founder & Executive Director of Biostandups (An online platform providing latest bio-news, career openings, interview series of expertise from Bio-world), it was my attentiveness to meet and share knowledge that I have gained through the years of my personal experience with young students who are currently perusing biotechnology degree.
My immense curiosity was to share information regarding career support and guide through how to achieve satisfactory success in their career. I have had great opportunity to meet more than 380 biotech students personally and shared career building tips and had a break to notice the skills students are lacking in. Hence, I believe that it is very important to share the same information I shared with students personally, once again here to make sure it reaches more and more needed students. I try my best to put everything together in the following.
I think the following points are very crucial and true to be consideri…


The Blue Whale Game has been doing rounds on Social Media recently, and you’re probably aware of it by now. For those of you who don’t know, it is said to be a game that involves a bunch of sinister challenges one is our through, with increasing difficulty, and ultimately the only way to “win” the game is by taking your own life. What is described as just a “game”, is actually far from it. Apparently, this “game” goes by many names. ‘A Silent House,’ ‘A Sea Of Whales’ and even ‘Wake Me Up At 4:20 am.’ It takes about 50 days to complete the game, and eventually succumb to your pointless death, and can be played via the website VKontakte, which is some sort of a social network in Russia. The name ‘Blue Whale’ is derived from the belief that often, whales knowingly come close to beaches and end up on land, ultimately killing themselves. So, apparently, people thought if whales can do it, so can we and here we are. Majority of the people who are suspected of playing this game are y…

Bitcoins: Future or failure?

Bitcoins: Future or failure?
Bitcoins has recently become the talk of the town. Some are inquisitive to know as of how it would affect the current financial system while the crypto enthusiast has already begun with trading and exchange. Currently, the digital currency is giving tough competition to traditional currency system. Whether Bitcoin would be the future or failure will depend on many factors such as security standards, compliance, profit margins, processing fee etc. Some of the nations are spreading awareness so that people can adapt quickly to new digital era while others are discouraging due its uncertainty.
Here are ten interesting features on Bitcoins that every beginner needs to know:
Bitcoin Foundation: Bitcoins came into existence in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. He invented a new way of peer-to-peer currency transfer without involving an intermediary. Later he stepped back and handed over the responsibility to Gavin Andresen.
Decentralized: Bitcoin is the first decentralized …

Rising role of Social Media in our lives

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow” – Edward Teller
What many thought of as “unachievable”, social media technologies have only made it possible. It has opened many doors to other innovations as well. Social Media, in India, particularly in the recent decades has made many things possible. It has grown both in magnitude and quality coupled with economic growth in India. There is a relation between economic growth and technology that has worked for India in the recent past. It has also been positive for the growth of social cohesion, good social networking and other very primary uses.

Most of the Indians also have also accepted this sudden growth of Social Media as the “innovation of 21st Century”. This has led to its role in most of the people`s lives: both positively and negatively. It has mostly been positive as it has been a game changer when it comes to the user interface of different products or also of different technological platforms. It has also led to greater …

Tax on Sanitary Pads !!

India is a country wherein menstruation is barely expatiated in an open door vicinity. Moreover, herein the internet gave an opportunity to people to voice their opinion for an amelioration in the policy.

A girl begins to menstruate between the age of 8-15 years.In this particular matter a girl cannot make a choice.This natural bio logical process is  a matter of celebration for the entire world in the name of a symbol of fertility and a that of the fact that human race would be continued.

During this particular phase, a women needs to maintain a level of hygiene so that she can go about her daily tasks without any sort of inconvenience.

However, since sanitary pads are taxed in India(between 12-14 percent, varies according to the State), a woman has to pay a price for something over which she doesn't even have a control, something that isn't even chosen by her own will.

The question against this sexist policy of the government is that, when medicines, condoms, water aren't ta…

Leftover Biryani : Sunday Fridge Manager

I like to make lists of things I want to buy before I go to a supermarket. I spend hours in the entire week wondering what I want and what I need (for those two dimensions are almost always mutually exclusive). The what I need part is boring and compulsory. But the what I want section is an endless parade of imagination running wild.

I shall henceforth term myself a food blogger. I was initially shy of the term, because I felt that it created too much pressure on me. I didn’t think I was that serious about it and I certainly am a novice at many levels. But, it is now my prerogative. I shall no longer shy from destiny.

Now, back to my supermarket rant! So, basically, no matter how many lists I make, I end up spending a good part of my measly stipend on all manners of groceries and kitchen tools that I often don’t end up using. This frequently results in my fridge being full of dying fruits and vegetables that need to be put in a pan or they are going straight into the bin (and what a was…